Mail fra Jessica Biel

by Sladana Lazic

Jeg sad og så Illusionisten her til aften med Edward Norton og Jessica Biel i hovedrollerne, og da jeg åbnede min mail lige før, fandt jeg den her i min indbakke. Det er en sjov måde at skrive nyhedsbrev på – i form af en mail fra Jessica Biel, som er på forsiden af amerikansk Vogue i februar.

Dear Vogue Reader,

It’s funny when you think about the idea of a breakthrough moment in someone’s career. A few times in my own life, I have been told by people, ‘Oh! This is your breakthrough moment or that is your breakthrough moment.’

But you can’t put too much weight into that idea because there really isn’t one moment when you actually feel you have arrived. I feel as an actor you are trying to work as hard as you can and make the best decisions you possibly can, and you have to take each moment for what it is.

All of that said, a part of me always wanted to be on the cover of Vogue. But to have it actually happen? That felt incredibly special to me.

I suddenly found myself sitting in this beautiful location and wearing the most amazing couture, with Mario Testino shooting and Tonne Goodman from Vogue editing the story. I just remember feeling very grateful, wanting to work hard, enjoy the day, and really take it all in.

I hope you enjoy the February issue, which hits the newsstands this week.

Jessica Biel